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DeAnza College saves time, money, and energy by taking transcript fulfillment out of the office

By streamlining the entire fulfillment process,Transcript ExchangePlus optimizes transcript delivery
University Business, December 2012

A public community college in Cupertino, California, DeAnza College has a student enrollment of about 23,000. With one of the highest transfer-out rates of any of the California Community Colleges, 30,000-50,000 transcripts are processed annually.

But with a 20 percent reduction in admissions staff since 2006, in-office manpower is at an all-time low. “It is of high importance to get transcripts out to transfer schools quickly,” says Kathleen Moberg, Dean of Admissions and Records. The college had been handling transcript requests in the office, with one full-time staff member and several parttime student assistants responsible for printing and envelope stuffing. Budget cuts forced the elimination of these positions.

“We felt it was still important to offer the same level of individualized service, but had to figure out how to do so with less staff,” says Moberg. DeAnza connected with Credentials Solutions at a conference and were immediately interested in how the company could streamline transcript delivery. Since 2002 DeAnza has been using Credentials Solutions for various transcript services. Now the college is using Transcript ExchangePlus™, Credentials’ latest optimized transcript delivery and fulfillment service.

Transcript ExchangePlus takes transcript fulfillment out of a college’s office. It can deliver EDI, XML, and PDF transcripts electronically to colleges, as well as print and mail paper transcripts. The optimization of delivery allows the receiving institution to decide their preferred format for receiving the transcript. Even if colleges do not use Credentials for their online transcript ordering, which is optional with this new service, they can still save money, manpower, and time by using Transcript ExchangePlus for determining the optimized method of delivery.

Compared to when DeAnza handled transcript delivery in house, schools receive transcripts on a more timely basis with the Credentials service. DeAnza is on the quarter system, which means their spring grades are not in until July 1. Since many of the schools that DeAnza students transfer to have a July 15 transcript due date, it had previously been a struggle to send out transcripts on time.

By lifting the burden off of the college and using Credentials for delivery, there is no worry that all transcripts will not be delivered. The college also saves several thousand dollars a year in print and transcript paper costs. DeAnza uses Credentials’ online ordering system as part of Transcript ExchangePlus, which authenticates the student on behalf of the college and upholds any blocks that would prevent a student from requesting a transcript. Because Credentials uses a tracking system, students can contact their customer service to ensure their transcript has been delivered or work through any other problems.

“Credentials is the most responsive thirdparty vendor we have ever worked with,” Moberg says. “They have never promised anything that they can’t deliver.” Problems with transcript fraud are now much more easily avoided. DeAnza no longer has the need to store transcript paper in-house. “Having a third party handle our transcript requests makes the process much more secure,” says Moberg.

By using Transcript ExchangePlus, Moberg knows DeAnza is prepared for the future: “The California Community College system now requires all colleges to have electronic transcript delivery in place by June 2013. So our relationship with Credentials has made our compliance achievable.”

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