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Compliance Made Easy

University Business, April 2012

Wading through compliance rules can be daunting for even the most seasoned administrator. The Higher Education Compliance Alliance, a new online resource, was launched on March 1 to help answer the most burning federal law and regulation questions.

The website features information on more than two dozen topics, including accounting, affirmative action, campus safety, HEOA compliance obligations, lobbying and political activities, and tax compliance, to name a few.

The initiative was spearheaded by the National Association for College and University Attorneys and is a partnership of 20 national higher ed associations, including the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

“The Alliance website provides an online resource that will be of value to colleges and universities, accrediting organizations and others seeking in-depth information on the law and regulation governing higher education and accreditation in the United States,” says Judith Eaton, president of CHEA.