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The card gives me more pride for my school.

Russ Gerry, a senior at Dowling, serves on the Student Government Association as vice president of finance.

It’s not easy to get to a bank, especially for students without cars. A shuttle stops at the local strip mall but there’s only one bank, so if that’s not your bank you can’t cash your check. That problem is gone with refunds going right into our OneAccounts.

My pay from work-study goes right into my account, and I get access to that money a day earlier than if I got a check. I pay my bills on it and I use my OneCard as a regular debit card when I go out. The card gives me more pride for my school because it actually has our logo on it.

It’s an easier way to manage your money. Most people get a check, they cash it, and they spend it. I’m monitoring my spending better with the OneCard because I can look at my statement online. I tend to spend cash very quickly.

Definitely. I like that I don’t get a charge now. Before Higher One, I calculated in one semester I paid $40 in fees for all my ATM transactions. That’s a decent amount of money for a college student.