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Editor's Note

Big, But Not Too Big

University Business, Jul 2011
Tim Goral

EduComm 2011 was a big success. Big in many ways. In addition to a record-setting attendance (more than 900 registered), EduComm 2011 had the biggest exhibit floor it has ever had, with more than 40 exhibitors.

Big, but not too big.

That's what we keep hearing from attendees. They tell us they like that EduComm is growing, but they also caution us not to grow too big. They fear we'll lose the intimacy and camaraderie that is evident in a conference our size. That's important to us.

Through evening receptions and networking events, attendees were able to find and connect with old friends, and make new friends who didn't get lost in the crowd the next time they looked.

As we begin to plan for EduComm 2012, which returns to the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, June 11-13, we are mindful that (ahem) size does matter. And although we want to offer more of what our attendees say they want, we will also strive to keep the intimacy that has made EduComm a favorite June conference destination.

We are improving the program for EduComm 2012 to help your institution stay competitive in these difficult times.

One addition will be the EduComm Learning Labs, which you'll hear more about in coming months.

We'll also feature an all-new lineup of thought-provoking keynote speakers. Conference attendees got a preview last month, with the announcement that Dr. Temple Grandin will appear at EduComm 2012.

We're looking for dynamic technology- and leadership-focused speakers to challenge the audience.

A renowned expert in animal behavior and a professor at Colorado State University, Grandin is also widely noted for her work in autism research and advocacy. As a person with high-functioning autism herself, Grandin was profiled in Oliver Sacks' book An Anthropologist on Mars (Knopf, 1995), a phrase she uses to describe how she feels in social situations.

Grandin's autism has given her a unique perspective that has helped educators understand and explore new ways to teach people with learning disorders.

She has been the subject of an eponymous, Emmy-winning, 2010 HBO feature film, and Time magazine honored Grandin with a spot on its 2010 "Time 100" list of the most influential people in the world in the category "Heroes."

"If I could snap my fingers and become nonautistic I would not do so," Grandin once said. "Autism is part of who I am."

Although EduComm 2012 is still nearly 11months away, you'll be able to get the EduComm experience throughout the year. Thanks to Mediasite, every keynote and every session from EduComm 2011 was recorded and archived.

Was there a presentation that you missed or would like to share with colleagues? To view it anytime or anywhere, see www.educomm

Finally, the 2012 Call for Speakers is now open. We're looking for dynamic technology- and leadership-focused presenters who can engage and challenge the attendees in an interactive way. If you think you have what it takes to be an EduComm presenter, go to and let us know.


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