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Access meeting documents with Enzo

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University Business, August 2013

Working in Groups
Vaddio’s GroupSTATION, designed for mid-to large-size meeting spaces, allows up to 20 people to share a PowerPoint presentation, stream a training video from YouTube, or collaborate with remote participants. Users can connect a laptop or tablet directly into GroupSTATION, which consists of two main components: a table-based MicPOD dock, and a wall-mounted sound bar that incorporates an HD camera in its center. The MicPOD Dock functions as a microphone, speakerphone, and user interface.

Fluorescent to LED
The new UR SeriesKit from Cree, Inc. is designed to fit into existing T8/T12 linear fluorescent fixtures, allowing users to upgrade to LED. The kit’s lightbars and driver can fit into almost any linear fluorescent lighting unit without the need to reuse existing sockets and ballasts. Designed to last 50,000 hours, it delivers 4,500 lumens for a 2’ x 4’ fixture and 3,600 lumens for a 2’ x 2’ fixture.

Access and share
Unlike a PC, Enzo from AMX retrieves content needed for presentations that might be stored on a USB or cloud drive, or on a web page. Meeting attendees no longer have to physically bring their files as Enzo allows for Dropbox cloud folder access. During the meeting, users can scan a QR code to access, present, and share presentation documents. When the presentation is over, the link to the Dropbox folder is broken, purging the files for extra security.

More Efficient Mail System
Ricoh’s University Kiosk for Higher Education automates student mail and package delivery pickup. College mail center employees digitally scan a package when it arrives, generating an email alert to the student and recording the package’s location within the mail center. A student arriving to pick up the package swipes an ID card at the mail center’s kiosk, and staff is alerted visually and audibly. LCD touchscreen monitors display the student’s name and the location of the package.

Multiple Display
New from Christie Digital, the Brio Meeting Room Solution uses wired or wireless connections to show multiple presentations simultaneously on either one or two meeting room screens. Whether participants use Macs or PCs, iPads or Android tablets, or smartphones, presentations can be displayed in a meeting as a thought occurs. A single hardware Brio node can display up to five computer screens.