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5 rules to remember for purposeful social media

University Business, October 2013

1. “It’s not just building the network. You need the support as well. It’s a campuswide effort.” —Eric Maguire, Ithaca College

2. “You can’t use sarcasm or be funny in a text. You have to think about who is reading it. Inside jokes don’t work publicly.” —Beverly Low, Colgate University

3. “Allow room for spontaneous posts to happen each week, since the essence of social media is fluidity.” —Molly Israel, Ithaca College

4. “Even with the most effective private communities, maintenance of public platforms will always be necessary on some level. With surpassing 1 billion users, Facebook in particular is a no-brainer when it comes to ‘traditional’ social media outreach, simply because it houses the low-lying fruit of social media users.” — Corie Martin, Western Kentucky University

5. “Take suggestions from students and implement them, no matter how small. When students know you are listening and taking action, your relationship with them grows stronger and in turn makes them want to stick around. —Corie Martin

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