The Millennial Mindset: How Colleges Can Accelerate the Career Prep Process

Barnes & Noble College recently partnered with Why Millennials Matter to launch a national study on the state of student preparation and their perceptions related to careers after college. The study explored topics such as internships, career choice and influencers, the job search process, career expectations, and perceptions about what skills and experiences are desired by companies today.

Attend this web seminar to hear survey insights from experts at Barnes & Noble College, a large employer of millennials, as well as the president of Why Millennials Matter. The insights will shed light on opportunities to help college partners achieve their goals in recruitment, retention and career placement.

Topics will include:

  • Key findings from Barnes & Noble College’s recent survey on The Millennial Mindset
  • Dispelling myths about how millennials approach career planning and what influences them most
  • Strategies to bridge the gap between what students have and what employers want
  • How these insights can be leveraged to create new opportunities to support and guide students through career planning

Scheduled speakers:

Lisa Malat
Vice President, Marketing & Operations
Barnes & Noble College

Tamara Vostok
Consumer & New Media Marketing Manager
Barnes & Noble College

Joan Kuhl
President & Founder
Why Millennials Matter

Who will benefit:
Higher education leaders interested in preparing students for careers. Anyone may attend.

Broadcast : 
Thu, 07/17/2014
2:00 pm EST
Sponsored by: 
Barnes & Noble College