Achieving Operational Excellence through Innovative IT Strategies

Institutions are under increasing pressure to provide more services, despite reduced operating budgets and elusive funding, and amid calls to hold down tuition. To meet these challenges, leading institutions are combining innovative approaches to technology and strategy, by moving to the cloud, adopting managed services, and focusing on strategic planning.

Attend this web seminar to hear from IT leaders at two innovative institutions who are positively impacting operational efficiency and effectiveness across campus departments, through moving the ERP to the cloud, improving intra- and interdepartmental efficiencies, and bringing technology leadership to strategic planning.

Topics will include:

  • How technology leaders can impact operational efficiency 
  • The benefits of moving an ERP to the cloud
  • Keys to effectively utilizing online education

Scheduled speakers:
Jacqui Spicer
Baker College (Mich.)

Don Davis 
Vice President, COO 
Azusa Pacific Online University (Calif.)

John Beahm
Executive Director
Jenzabar Foundation

Who will benefit:
College and university administrators interested in improving efficiency through IT strategies. Anyone may attend.

Broadcast : 
Tue, 04/08/2014
2:00 pm EST
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