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Tuition affordability, gainful employment, and student debt burden
Former Yale professor William Deresiewicz has caused some controversy with his latest book, "Excellent Sheep."
Focus on academic and extracurricular achievements may come at the expense of individualism and independent thinking
And a North Carolina school furnishes dorms for internationals
Three separate surveys suggest that students and parents give strong consideration to advertised price. (Click to enlarge)
Some schools have lowered their cost to attend, sometimes with mixed results

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Educating students is key to minimizing the student loan debt problem affecting your entire campus
By offering actively managed tuition payment plans, Nelnet Business Solutions helps colleges stabilize enrollment, increase collections and improve customer service.
Loan defaults decrease at Tusculum College through implementation of Inceptia’s student success analysis
Higher Reach by Jenzabar streamlines marketing efforts, student registrations, financial processes and reports

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