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Hyperlocal food service: UMass Amherst Chef Don Sabola selects cherry tomatoes with Joe Czajkowski, owner and operator of Czajkowski Farms, which is less than two miles from campus. The university is set to invest more than $3 million in locally grown food annually.
Energy efficient, low-waste and locally-sourced dining gets institutions closer to overall environmental goals
The Science Education and Research Center at Temple University has 52 research labs and 16 teaching labs.
New facility is one of the largest buildings devoted exclusively to scientific research in the city’s region
Institutions have implemented more innovative waste management practices since a major stream of recycling revenue dried up.
Colleges and universities work to implement new approaches to reducing waste and lowering facilities spending
New ways of transforming waste into campus commodities and renewable energy

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Savvy business decisions play a role in making campus sustainability a reality Stephen C. Head, CEO, Lone Star College System
Waste Management provides expertise to help Southern Alberta Institute of Technology become a waste diversion leader
Turning e-waste on campus into revenue for higher ed institutions
Sustainability is a key factor in helping your university remain competitive
By employing consolidated technology management hardware and software, money can be saved and sustainability maximized

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