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UC Davis' $8.5 million biodigester will provide an annual 5.6 million kilowatt hours to the campus
Biodigester was developed with technology created by one of university's professors
Stephen Madigosky is a professor of environmental science at Widener University in Chester, Pa.
Widener University’s foray into the multi-billion-dollar coffee industry
41 Wyllys Avenue, now an academic building at Wesleyan University, was built in the 1920s and had 17 squash courts. (Photo: Olivia Drake)
Colleges find efficiencies—and a dose of nostalgia—in repurposing rather than rebuilding facilities
Eco-friendly design practices are fast becoming the gold standard for best practice in design education

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Sustainability is a key factor in helping your university remain competitive
By employing consolidated technology management hardware and software, money can be saved and sustainability maximized
Waste Management helps UI achieve ambitious sustainability goals
University reduces its carbon footprint, its market dependencies and its energy costs through Waste Management partnership

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