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The average college student now spends about $1,200 per year on course materials. (Click to enlarge)
Unsustainable costs, a digital landscape and low-cost alternatives force change to the textbook industry
Richard Baraniuk talked about how free, digital textbooks are created in his open keynote at UBTech. (Photo: David Bergeland)
UBTech open keynote speaker Richard Baraniuk, of Rice University, discusses free, high-quality textbooks for college courses
Small schools led in SIS purchases, but mid-tier schools were more active in 2013.
Colleges and universities replace outdated and homegrown systems
Excelsior College launched its Online Writing Lab, a comprehensive, media-rich, open-source resource designed for the transition to college-level writing

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Custom-developed program using SAP software helps university manage post-award grants and projects
By employing consolidated technology management hardware and software, money can be saved and sustainability maximized
Instructors can hold traditionally live classes online with the help of McGraw-Hill Tegrity
By offering actively managed tuition payment plans, Nelnet Business Solutions helps colleges stabilize enrollment, increase collections and improve customer service.

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