Operational Efficiencies

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Working together, campus buyers and facilities staff can ensure that dollars for equipment needs are wisely spent.
Pricey equipment purchases can cost even more when the facilities department isn’t involved to ensure installation and maintenance realities are realized
Lessons learned from the founders of an online university that generated more than $270 million dollars in net earnings over nine years.
A fresh look: When the library at Grand Valley State U was remodeled, useable furniture got new life on other parts of campus rather than being placed into storage.
Tracking and managing the campus stock of tables, chairs, desks and more is key to making the most of existing assets and smart purchasing decisions
Around the country, institutions are merging at a slower pace, with some proposals facing local backlash

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Foundationally, a generational shift has occurred; today’s students have expectations that have been shaped by their life experiences.
Keys to effective electronic document management
Broadleaf Solutions meets a need for web-based, automated financial planning platform
Adding SmartPay to existing Higher One suite slashes credit card fees
In today’s competitive and cost-conscious higher education arena, colleges and universities must begin implementing information management strategies if they want to thrive.