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David Kadamus
Is monetizing an asset right for you?
Future E-shaped student apartment building and courtyard at the University of Indianapolis.
Melissa Ezarik
New projects also underway at Northwood University and New Jersey City University
Facilities such as Davidson Math and Science Center, a recent additions to the University of Nevada, Reno campus, are built to detailed architectural design standards established by university officials.
Dawn Papandrea
Some institutions demonstrate the correlation between campus aesthetics and academic reputation
aces in the expanded Commons building at Alverno College are a larger food service area and a coffee shop. The college’s 35 percent growth in enrollment over a decade was a big motivation for the $30 million project.
Dawn Papandrea
UB’s annual construction report: Behind the action on campus construction

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Savvy business decisions play a role in making campus sustainability a reality Stephen C. Head, CEO, Lone Star College System
Waste Management provides expertise to help Southern Alberta Institute of Technology become a waste diversion leader
Subway franchise brings benefits for students, faculty, and the institution
STANLEY Security provides solution to integrate all existing campus security technologies into a single portal