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Marc C. Whitt is a 32-year veteran of higher education public relations and marketing.
Teach a course, and other tips for learning and becoming better at your job.
Being a student parent is associated with unmet financial need, low levels of completion and heavy debt
In 2013, nearly seven in 10 borrowers owed less than $25,000 in college debt, according to the College Board. (Click to enlarge)
With students having borrowed $106 billion, total debt for 2013-14 is down by $8.7 billion
A majority of higher ed leaders expect modest to significant increases in tuition revenue in 2015. (Click to enlarge chart)
Campus leaders preparing to meet the challenges of increased scrutiny around financial issues

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Adult learners are becoming a more important segment of the recruitment pool Bob King, Managing Director, Collegis Education
DeeAnn Wenger
Focus on the future by creating positive student perceptions, using technology and budget dollars wisely, and addressing the impact of rising tuition costs
Kris Alban
Help students and schools keep costs in check
Implementing a comprehensive financial literacy program on campus contributes to student success
Bill Dampier
As students desire more options, buying textbooks and materials on the web affords more convenience and savings potential