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Through short videos on Financial Aid TV, parents of prospective and returning students at Santa Fe College can learn more about their financial aid options, education tax credits and other money management topics.
Mark Rowh
10 ways to extend lessons on financial aid and broader money management to parents
Santa Monica College hosts a festival to celebrate students from more than 100 nations who attend classes on campus.
Matt Zalaznick
Growing an international presence on two-year-college campuses
Tim Goral
Colleges and universities testing live-video-streaming app called Periscope
James Martin and James E. Samels
For most parents, 10 years old is too young to recruit—even for athletically and intellectually gifted children. Yet, this snippet of reality leads us to wonder: how early is too early for college recruitment?

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Several considerations are crucial for maintaining a high level of service while meeting regulatory requirements
Using data effectively is crucial to drive strategic enrollment decision making
Higher One
Best practices for student success through financial literacy