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Joseph Trentacoste is assistant vice president of Student Services at Mercy College in New York.
A comprehensive, empathetic approach helps foster student success
Immersion in a long-distance tour is easy when videos are turned into 360-degree experiences through the OculusRift headset.
New technology gives distant students a feel for campus
The marching  band is a popular activity with international students  at Northern State University in South Dakota.
The five biggest challenges international students face and how colleges and universities are helping them to adjust
Through digital publishing and mobile-ready content, school communications can be experienced in fresh, modern ways.

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A detailed plan is necessary for identifying and helping students at risk of loan default
Maintaining frequent borrower contact is essential to reducing an institution’s cohort default rate
Utilize student, faculty and alumni feedback to enhance the campus bookstore experience
Payment plans can help increase retention and reduce bad debt by giving students convenient payment options