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Special delivery, 18th Century style: A student dressed as George Washington delivers acceptance letters to Washington College applicants in the region—proving that innovative doesn’t have to mean high-tech when it comes to admissions tactics.
Six ways to customize outreach to potential students
Jennifer Wick is vice president of Scannell & Kurz higher education enrollment consultants, a Ruffalo Cody company.
Institutions can prepare to prosper under administration’s proposed ranking system
Successful firsts: MIT’s First Generation Program website includes personal snapshots from first-gen students, alumni and faculty.
24 ideas for guiding students through the social, academic, financial, and administrative challenges of college
Aaron Mahl is a consultant with Scannell & Kurz.
Making a confusing process easier for first generation students

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How regular monitoring and adjustments can have a positive impact on student retention rates
Linda Ding
To make a positive impact on student success, go beyond digitizing paper files
Naropa University works hand-in-hand with Jenzabar to sync systems including ERP
By streamlining the entire fulfillment process,Transcript ExchangePlus optimizes transcript delivery
Seamless integration across its multiple colleges gives school an edge in global competition

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