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Through the Professional Development Institute at University of Baltimore, mentors who are  faculty, staff and alumni are available to support and guide students.
Student success has evolved from a concept focused mainly on academics and graduation to a host of other goals
From grade 13 to college graduation: Students at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ Cato Middle College High School begin earning college credit in their junior year and can graduate from a 13th grade with an associate’s degree or professional certification.
Higher education aims for retention and completion boost when students come to college better prepared—and with a few course credits
Working together, campus buyers and facilities staff can ensure that dollars for equipment needs are wisely spent.
Pricey equipment purchases can cost even more when the facilities department isn’t involved to ensure installation and maintenance realities are realized
Aradhana Bela Sood is a senior professor for child mental health policy and professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.
How improved awareness and intervention might prevent future tragedies

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Linda Ding
To make a positive impact on student success, go beyond digitizing paper files
Foundationally, a generational shift has occurred; today’s students have expectations that have been shaped by their life experiences.
DeeAnn Wenger
Focus on the future by creating positive student perceptions, using technology and budget dollars wisely, and addressing the impact of rising tuition costs
Implementing a comprehensive financial literacy program on campus contributes to student success