Table of Contents: University Business, October 2013

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Cover Story

Foreign governments and organized crime targeting institutions’ most sensitive information.



How paying attention to what students are posting online can be used to help them stay in school
Foreign governments and organized crime targeting institutions’ most sensitive information.
As number of devices per student increases, so does the need for an outdoor Wi-Fi network. But where to begin?


Financial Aid

Financial aid administrators need to do more to help students and parents understand enough about the choices, terms, and possible dangers of taking on student loans.


Hamilton College and New York emergency response agencies team up for extensive drill
Online courses can be effective, but “massive” is another ballgame

Behind the News

Kim Wilcox has become the ninth chancellor of the University of California, Riverside
New report highlights successful efforts at campuses across the country
Policies and practices to create diversity exist, but they don’t seem to be functioning sufficiently, study says
Census numbers have revealed that colleges and universities lost half a million students in 2012
Panel says UNC-Chapel Hill, because of its academic stature and athletic success, can take a leading role.
LinkedIn’s University Pages add powerful networking platform for current and future alumni
Shop24 is a self-contained, automated convenience store that sells snacks, freshly food, home goods, beauty aids, and technology items

Sense of Place

79,000-square-foot facility contains classrooms, faculty offices, and areas for hands-on science teacher training

Campus Report

Teaching personal development and ethical responsibility as part of the learning experience

Human Resources

Best practices include exercising creativity to analyzing productive and nonproductive time

Enrollment Matters

Good enrollment leaders collaborate with campus colleagues who can help them meet objectives

Future Shock

Some schools go above and beyond the call of duty to promote the educational success of military students

In Every Issue

On Topic

New book looks at breaking the roadblocks to real change in higher education



The massive enrollment in MOOCs is yielding a treasure-trove of information for everything from marketing to course development

Campus Finance News


Best way to wrangle runaway loan debt is making students masters of basic money management