Table of Contents: University Business, August 2014

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Models of Efficiency

Models of Efficiency

Information Technology Services
Campus Enterprises
Records and Registration
Student Accounting Office
Admissions/Enrollment Management
Information Technology
Drexel Business Services OneCenter



Highlights from UB’s higher ed leadership conference
Unsustainable costs, a digital landscape and low-cost alternatives force change to the textbook industry
The rewards of putting a fresh focus on noncredit courses


Sense of Place

43,000-square-foot Championship Center part of campus athletic corrdior

Behind the News

The George Washington University and American University working toward carbon neutrality
Today's campus CFO must have an entrepreneurial spirit
Boston institutions look to boost safety by sharing students’ off-campus addresses with city
Just a small number of students at two Florida institutions attended religious services in campus chapels
Amendments focus on the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act
Wheaton College says that an Affordable Care Act rule makes them complicit in contraception
Indiana University, Colorado State University, University of Florida and University of Michigan team up

Professional Opinion

The questions of the cross-examination

Human Resources

Graduates typically possess a wealth of campus knowledge and skills--and are eager to help

People Watch

Enrollment Matters

Predicting the increasingly unpredictable

In Every Issue

On Topic

Examining a social class system that disadvantages the majority

Education Innovators

Education Innovators

Kevin Smith, scholarly communications officer at Duke University, on intellectual property and the broken copyright

Distributed Campus


Some colleges and universities take offering to the next level by tapping data to improve business processes and better serve students

Campus Finance News


Outsourcing loan default prevention management to remove institutional burden and improve student services