UBTech 2013

Challenges in Designing a Collaborative Classroom (as it relates to AV)

At UBTech, Tim Schnabel, Director of Education Programs at Extron Electronics, will provide an in-depth discussion on challenges you will face when incorporating A/V technologies in your classroom and strategies for successful implementation that benefits all stakeholders.

Campus Intelligence: The Evolution of Campus Decision Making

At UBTech, John White, lead contact for Campus Labs member campuses, will examine how institutions are leveraging data from different areas of the campus such as financial transactions in the business office, student organization enrollment, course evaluations, student surveys, and more to help guide strategic initiatives and make more insightful decisions.

Building a Mobile Campus Culture

At UBTech, Pat LeMay Burr, Distinguished Chair in the HEB School of Business at University of The Incarnate Word, and Ana Gonzalez, Director of Instructional Technology at The University of the Incarnate Word, will discuss how their campus has capitalized on mobile device integration, specifically the use of iPads and Smartphones, to enhance productivity, mobility and creativity in its teaching and learning practices. Topics will include infrastructure upgrades, training incentives, institutional support, policy development and equipment utilization.

Building a Gold LEED High Tech Learning Commons Building

At UBTech, Don Cogdell, a founding partner of Cogdell & Mendrala Architects, and David Carson, Vice President for Business and Finance with Armstrong Atlantic State University, will discuss how AASU was able renovate an existing building into a high tech learning commons building and earn a Gold LEED certification. Project funding, relation to the strategic plan, and getting campus "buy-in" are among topics that will be covered.

A Facebook Page as an Extension of Lecture Hall Discussion

At UBTech, Jutta Guadagnoli, a faculty member at Touro University, will discuss utilizing Facebook as a community of practice to engender exchange of ideas and questions between students, peer teaching, and instructor involvement within our medical physiology class.

Using Multiple Delivery Methods to Reduce the Cost of Higher Education

At UBTech, Alan Walker, President of Upper Iowa University, talks about the challenges facing institutions today and the cost benefits of strategic diversification. The use of multiple delivery systems has one important benefit—lowering the cost of higher education, which may be one of the most significant challenges facing higher education today.

Meeting the Challenge of Learning Technologies: Are We Failing as Managers?

At UBTech, Tony Bates, a consultant and former Director of Distance Education and Technology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, will explore how can colleges and universities leverage online learning and learning technologies to transform higher education. The presentation is based on a recent book by Bates: “Managing Technology in Higher Education: Strategies for Transforming Teaching and Learning” (Jossey-Bass/John Wiley).

How the Financial State of Universities is (or Should be) Driving Technology Investments

At UBTech, Joh Curry, a managing director at Huron Education, talks about the current state of university finance, and where it’s headed. Topics covered will include: How enterprise administrative systems can yield business process and procurement savings—and why that’s not enough; Why universities still look like cottage industries and do not think in terms of scale economies—but are trying.

Higher Education Gets Flattened

At UBTech, Mark Greenfield, Director, Office of Web Services at the University at Buffalo, will give a thought-provoking presentation that will explore how the forces of technology and globalization will redefine higher education, and provide guidance on how to not only survive, but thrive in this new paradigm.

Google Apps vs Office 365: A Tale of Two Implementations

At UBTech, Anne Scrivener Agee, vice provost for information technology at UMass Boston, will speak about her school’s experience with Office 365. Rick Matthews, CIO and associate provost of information systems and technology at Wake Forest University, will speak about his school’s implementation of Google Apps.