UBTech 2013

A Conversation with Jim Samels and Jim Martin

University Business readers know Jim Samels and Jim Martin as the coauthors of the long running “Future Shock” column in each issue and online. The column covers a broad range of topics from higher education management and leadership issues to community relations and sustainable thinking.

In June, the pair will be featured speakers at the UBTech conference in Orlando, presenting “Myths and Realities of Campus Sustainability: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Pledge Financial Allegiance to Green Energy and Technology Solutions.”

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Fostering Digital Identity Management and Professional Development Using E-Portfolios

At UBTech, David Schuff, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems in the Fox School of Business at Temple University, and Laurel Miller is Director of the Institute for Business and Information Technology, will discuss Temple University’s e-Portfolio solution, custom-built using the open-source WordPress platform and freely available. They will explain how e-Portfolio development has been integrated throughout their majors’ coursework, and how they are working with other academic departments to expand the program.

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Extending the Active Learning Environment: From Physical to Virtual and the Spaces in Between

At UBTech, Jason Meneely, an assistant professor in the Department of Interior Design at the University of Florida, and Tawnya Means, the Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment in the Warrington College of Business Administration at the University of Florida, will discuss active learning and the paradigm shift from “information-era” to “creative-era” classrooms.

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Engaging Students in an Online Environment

At UBTEch, Aprille Noe Black, a seasoned educator with more than 20 years of teaching experience, will share a theory-driven process for designing collaborative instructional activities in an online course.

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Emerging Instructional Technologies: Engaging Students and Enhancing Learning Outcomes

At UBTech, Kelly Walsh, CIO at The College of Westchester in White Plains, NY, will discuss the importance of engaging students, provide insights into how emerging education technologies can aid retention, and discuss research showing the benefits of these technologies.

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Embrace the Instability: Harnessing Innovative Technology Solutions Within an Institution Environment

At UBTech, Kevin Hayes, a Team Lead at Extended Campuses of Northern Arizona University, will discuss how his team developed a way to utilize innovative technologies without compromising their existing SIS. He will show a high level view of how EC built its tier-two system, its tier-one system and how it integrates with NAU’s SIS environment. This system was awarded a Model of Efficiency by the University Business Magazine.

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Deploying and Utilizing a Statewide Private Cloud: Lessons Learned

At UBTech, Curtis Carver, vice chancellor and chief information officer for the Board of Regents of University System of Georgia (USG), will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a state educational private cloud using the University System of Georgia as a case study. The presentation will address bandwidth agility, virtual data centers, storage and backup as a service, and multiple state agencies using a single network.

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Demystifying Digital Signage on Campus

At UBTech, Ryan Cahoy, Rise Vision, will discuss the trends in digital signage and how the technology has advanced through the last 10 years. Hardware and software components available and how universities are leveraging the technology will also be covered.

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CRM and Admissions - Cultivating Relationships

At UBTech, Nathan Goss, Director of Evening & Weekend and Transfer Admissions at Brenau University, discusses how use of their CRM system allows them to cultivate relationships with emerging students and non-traditional, adult learners via phone, email and hardcopy.

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College CFO Survey Outcomes Revealed

At UBTech, Ingrid Ramos Nakamura, VP of Marketing for Akademos, will share survey results related to Textbook and Bookstore Trends. Responses to the open ended question, “What are some of the biggest bookstore challenges you face?” will also be explored.