Wanted: The $1,000-a-Year Education

A president’s proposal for an education revolution

A father I know asked his 9th-grader how his math grades had jumped from C to A-, when prior personal tutoring hadn’t helped. The reply: “Dad, it’s easy! I taught myself using Khan Academy.”

NASFAA Issues Recommendations for Reducing Student Loan Debt

Student financial aid administrators, policymakers, and the general public have all expressed increasing concern about student loans, debt levels, and rising default rates, which coincide with worries about college costs, affordability, and transparency. That’s why NASFAA, the association representing nearly 20,000 financial aid professionals from all sectors of higher education, convened a task force in 2012 to study this issue and make recommendations for improvement.

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Testimony On 4-Year Fixed Tuition Shares Good, Bad At U of Texas Campuses

University administrators who have experimented with four-year fixed tuition at their colleges testified Wednesday on the pros and cons of a statewide implementation.

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Idahoans May Get Cheaper University Tuition as Utah Counteracts Missionary Exodus

Utah lawmakers moved one step closer Monday to passing a measure that would help fill a revenue gap left by an unprecedented exodus of students on Mormon missions by allowing public colleges and universities to offer in-state tuition to high-performing students from other states.

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$10K Degree Update

California, Texas, and Florida tend to be bellwether states for education because of their sheer size. So recent legislation proposed in California should have an interesting effect on the $10,000-degree movement. In January, Assemblyman Dan Logue, R-Marysville proposed legislation to make it possible for students to get a degree from the California State University system through closer coordination between high schools, community colleges, and CSU. He later proposed a companion bill for $20,000 degrees from the University of California system.

Free Tuition at Cooper Union May Be Near End

The new academic building was glamorous, its perforated metal skin shooting up dramatically from the streets of the East Village, then swerving around a daring gash of glass.

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