Two-year college students face more money stress

Nearly one in five community college students get so worried about finances they think about dropping out, according to the “Inceptia National Financial Aptitude Analysis” report. Only 7 percent of four-year students experience such intense stress.

Tuition, not interest rates, puts college out of reach

Congress left Washington without keeping the interest rate on student loans from doubling, soaring from 3.2 percent to 6.4 percent.

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Critics say Fla. governor tuition battle crosses line

Seeking to offset an automatic 1.7 percent tuition increase, Gov. Rick Scott met with university leaders one by one to lobby them to cut tuition rates by an equal amount next year. It's not working.

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Tuition set to rise at four S.C. public universities

Among in-state tuition increases announced so far, The Citadel has the smallest, at 3 percent, with Winthrop at 3.1 percent, and College of Charleston and Lander University at 3.16 and 3.15 percent, respectively.

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Veterans still pay out-state tuition as bill falters

Liane Larson grew up in Kansas. Her parents are military veterans who served in Kansas. She graduated from high school in Kansas, and her husband is from Kansas. But when Larson arrived at The University of Kansas, she didn’t qualify for in-state tuition. When she joined the Air Force after graduation, she was stationed in Arizona and claimed Arizona residency.

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Christian college demands expelled lesbian pay back financial aid

It’s no secret that many Christian-affiliated colleges enforce very strict behavioral expectations for their students, but Danielle Powell is realizing just how vindictive a college can be when those expectations are not met.

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More talk, but no action on La. tuition program changes

Louisiana's free college tuition program called TOPS carries a hefty price tag in a state budget that has been throttled with cuts.

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NYU's expansion prioritizes marketing over debt-saddled students, professors say

In a time of growing alarm over soaring student loan debt, New York University -- which graduates the most indebted classes of students in the country -- has embarked on an ambitious real estate expansion that could make the school even more expensive.

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Ulster County CC proposes seventh consecutive tuition hike

Tuition at Ulster County Community College (N.Y.) would rise for the seventh consecutive year under a spending plan approved by two key committees of the Ulster County Legislature.

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Let's collaborate to promote college affordability

College students recently testified before the Oregon legislature, and the pain of increasing tuition was clear on their faces. They were stressed from overworking, over-borrowing, and the constant worry that the next bill may be the tipping point.

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