Student Wellness

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Va. Court Hears 1 Aspect Of College Alcohol Ad Case

The Virginia Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday on whether a publication produced on campus by university undergraduates is a "college newspaper" if at least half of its readers are 21 or older.

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Where ‘Try Again’ Finds Victory

Eyes open as Wheelock College’s athletes focus on character, not winning

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Alabama Colleges Adapt As Survey Shows Students Don't Get Enough Fruits And Vegetables

On a recent day in the University of South Alabama dining hall, 18-year-old freshman Emily Wiggs grabbed lunch — a plate of broccoli, mixed vegetables and a baked potato.

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On Campus, It’s One Big Commercial

It's move-in day here at the University of North Carolina, and Leila Ismail, stuffed animals in tow, is feeling some freshman angst.

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Box Lets Oakland University Students Tell Secrets

Down a hallway at Oakland University's Oakland Center, on a table across from the student radio station, a wood box beckons, waiting for secrets to be shared.

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DePaul University Boots Student Services With PeopleSoft Enterprise Online Marketing

DePaul understands the importance of reducing stress among its first-year students.

Tossing Out the Baby with the Bathwater

Today's institutional choices and their influence on tomorrow

Bottled Water Bans

Taking "dry" campuses too far

THERE IS A NEW "SIN" INDUSTRY on college campuses. It’s not beer, fast food, or tobacco. It’s water! Universities around the nation have begun to deny students the option of drinking bottled water, removing it from vending machines and campus stores.

Work: The Forgotten Resource

Maximizing student employment opportunities

IN THE MEDIA, FINANCIAL aid coverage tends to focus on topics such as the tensions between funding merit scholarships versus need-based grants, the growth in student and parent borrowing, and the need to increase funding for Federal Pell Grants. Federal or state work-study programs get little focus.

Assistive Technology U: Breaking Down Barriers for the Disabled

What’s hot for today’s engineering students? What’s really hot is the emerging field of assistive technologies. Combining professional career fields like robotics, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science, and occupational health, a new breed of polytechnic programs are serving up state-of-the-art, adaptive technology courses for civically engaged engineering students who want to make the world a better place for the disabled.