Student Wellness

Occupy Higher Ed

Movement spreads from Wall Street to the campus green

The Occupy movement that has swept the nation—and the world—also has a home at many colleges and universities. Long associated with protests, and historically touted as the home of open discourse, American colleges and universities have had a difficult balancing act on their hands: how to promote free speech while maintaining safety on campus.

CU-Boulder Signs Fair Food Statement

University also trying to bring more organic, natural food to campus

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Assistive Technologies Don’t Bypass Learning, They Improve It

Mainstream colleges and universities could benefit from increased use of assistive technologies for learning, but there are some educators who feel that allowing students to use assistive technology is like cheating.

As someone who works at a college where these learning tools are used every day in every class, I’d like to clear up this major misconception. These tools simply facilitate learning, and all of us, different and “normal” learners alike, should understand what the tools can do for us.

The Value of Liberal Arts in Entrepreneurship

Can liberal arts colleges give entrepreneurs the upper hand?

Programs in entrepreneurship aren’t new on college campuses.  But, the mindset that college graduates may find it easier to create their own jobs rather than find one is new.

After Drug Bust, Fraternity Suspends U of North Dakota Chapter

All current members are out and will not be allowed to return. The fraternity house may be rented out to other groups until the fraternity is reinstated with a completely new group of students.

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Cruise Ship Dorm Leaves St. Mary's College

St. Mary's College of Maryland said farewell to the most talked-about dormitory in its history on Sunday when the Sea Voyager, a 286-foot cruise ship, pulled up anchor. The ship, docked beside campus on the St. Mary's River, had housed 240 students since early November.

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Bethune-Cookman Student Says He Was Injured In Campus Hazing

Christopher King, a student at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, says he was hit in the back of the neck so forcefully and often during a recent hazing ritual at the school that he blacked out several times.

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Settlement Requires Tech To Notify Parents Of Suicidal Students

Colleges don't routinely call home at the first sign a student is in trouble. It's one of the ways college differs from high school: College officials view students as adults, capable of self-governance and entitled to a measure of privacy.

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U of Vermont Fraternity Suspended Over Survey

A University of Vermont fraternity was suspended Tuesday in connection with a survey that makes light of rape, UVM officials said.

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Stress Season For Students: U Of North Dakota Steers Students From Coping With Finals Through Alcohol, Drugs

As the pressure of final exams heats up at UND, university officials fear some students may turn to alcohol and other substances they believe will help them cope with stress.

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