Student Wellness

At Yale, The Return Of Sex Week

Sex Week is coming to Yale – complete with a porn star, anti-porn advocate and a "love week" alternative.

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Restorative Practices Build Community in the Residence Hall

By Ted Wachtel

Campus residence hall advisors (RAs) have a tough job. But there is a tool that can make their work easier and more effective: restorative practices. 

Most RAs sign on for the job because they want to help build community, provide guidance to their peers and learn what it means to be in a leadership role. RAs, however, also are charged with managing behavior. They are granted a certain amount of authority to enforce campus policies, rules and regulations.

U. Of Iowa, Fondled Ex-Student Settle

The University of Iowa has agreed to a $130,000 settlement with a former student who was pressured to let a troubled political science professor fondle her in exchange for a higher grade, her lawyer told The Associated Press Wednesday.

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On Campus: Explainer: Why Police Aren't Investigating Chadima Allegation

In the wake of an allegation that a then-senior UW athletic official sexually assaulted a student, some people have wondered why police are not investigating the incident.

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Campus Newspaper Focuses On Positive Stories About Greek Life

Indiana State University student Adrian France wanted to see more positive stories about Greeks in the campus newspaper, stories featuring "the good things" sororities and fraternities did on campus.

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New Web Reality Series Puts U Of Southern Califronia In A Bad Light

The James Franco-produced 'Undergrads' depicts students drinking, partying and having run-ins with police. Administrators and students say the show doesn't accurately portray the campus.

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Law School Litigation

What to expect in 2012

Jobs aren’t easy to come by these days. Instead of blaming the economy—or themselves—some students are blaming their alma maters.

After graduates from New York Law School and Thomas M. Cooley School of Law (Mich.) accused the schools of misinterpreting graduates’ employment and salary statistics and filed class action suits against them last summer, two firms have warned they are planning to go after other law schools this year.

Chadima Investigation: U Of Wisconsin's Lack Of Off-Campus Alcohol Policy May Be Revisited

UW-Madison has no comprehensive policy governing the presence of alcohol at university events off-campus, an omission revealed Tuesday night with the release of a report that found a former senior UW athletic official had supplied alcohol to students — some under the legal drinking age of 21 — at a Rose Bowl party.

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