Student Wellness

Learning Disabled Students Welcome

Special centers at colleges and universities are making a positive difference for a growing student population.

At first glance, the sprawling University of Arizona and University of Connecticut campuses might not have much in common with Adelphi University and Curry College, smaller private institutions in the suburbs of New York City and Boston, respectively. But all of these schools have built robust programs for undergraduates with learning disabilities (LD), distinguishing themselves in the process.

They’re among an expanding number of institutions working closely with students who decades ago might have struggled to graduate—or not made it to college at all.

Innovation? Or Free Pass From Class?

The whys behind a week dedicated to creativity and innovative thinking on campus

Life can be insanely busy for students and non-students alike, especially near the mid-point of the semester. Rapid changes in technology have only managed to accelerate the pace even more with tweets and Facebook posts competing for our attention. Add in a few energy drinks or Starbucks lattés, and a formula has been created for an environment consisting of go, go, go with little time for pause and reflection.

An Invitation To Take A Seat

The chairs are bright. It is something everyone comments on.

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Colleges Weigh Pros And Cons Of Special Housing Options For Gay-Straight Student Pairings

High school seniors looking forward to departing for college now have a new wrinkle in dorm life to consider, courtesy of the Rutgers University webcam trial.

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How Student Loan Services Impact the College Experience

Why universities that pick the right partner keep students in class and on track

As new high school graduates anxiously await acceptance letters from their favorite colleges, many will start to plan for this new chapter in their lives by seeking student loans and financial aid to pay for it. After running the gauntlet of qualifying for loans and assistance, many will forget all about it.

NY Suit Faults Military Schools For Rape Response

A lawsuit filed Friday on behalf of two women who say they were raped by classmates at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland is seeking the court's help in permanently changing attitudes about sexual assault at military learning institutions.

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U Of Texas Student Protester Explains Willingness To Be Arrested

Billy Yates, a student at the University of Texas, says he didn’t make the decision to get arrested for trespassing lightly.

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On Campus, Debate Over Civil Rights And Rape

For months after Kristina Ponischil was raped at a party in her off-campus apartment, her life at Western Washington University was hell.

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Sex Assaults Catch Colleges Like The University Of Colorado In Title IX Legal Trap

A closed- door encounter between two college acquaintances. Both have been drinking. One says she was raped; the other insists it was consensual. There are no other witnesses.

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Alabama A&M Dorm Without Hot Water For Seven Weeks And Counting

A dormitory for female students at Alabama A&M University has been without hot water for almost seven weeks, and the same students endured the warmest March in more than 100 years without air conditioning.

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