Student Retention

Survey Asks Students About U of Central Arkansas

A survey of students at the University of Central Arkansas shines a light on what kind of education students feel they are getting from the public institution.

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Santa Monica College To Offer Winter Classes

Private donations are key to the six-week session, which will offer at least 250 classes for credit, officials said. About 10,000 students are expected to enroll.

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The Future of College Recruitment

Connecting with a new generation

It’s really no surprise that today’s technology-savvy generation is challenging elements of the traditional college recruitment process. The conventional approaches of marketing, recruitment and admissions are all being called into question, in part, due to two driving factors—external influences and the changing needs of today’s student. This article explores these factors and offers ideas on what can be done to reach, and connect, with more students.

Community Colleges Put Baby Boomers Back in School

In August, the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) announced that eleven colleges had been chosen to join a national program that would train 10,000 baby boomers over the next three years for new jobs in health care, education, and social service. Called the Plus 50 Encore Completion Program, it is funded by a $3.2 million grant from the Deerbrook Charitable Trust. 2013 is year one, with a kick-off meeting scheduled in San Francisco in April. Community College Report spoke with representatives from three participating colleges about the benefits of the program to both the older generation and to the schools.

Jobs Market Growing Faster For Graduates With Associate's Degrees Than More Advanced Education

College graduates can expect a slightly better job market this year, but research shows employers’ confidence is strained and many students aren’t doing enough to prepare for careers.

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U of Colorado Regents Approve Law School Loan Repayment Assistance

University of Colorado regents Thursday approved expansion plans for a law school program that helps graduates pay off their student loans if they take modest-paying public service jobs -- especially in the state's rural areas.

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University of Toledo Gets Creative with Student Living Costs

In a move called "innovative" by one higher-education official, the University of Toledo not only announced a freeze in academic and living costs but also added deep discounts to sweeten students' deals.

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MSU Receives $80,000 to Launch Financial Literacy Program

Montana State University was recently awarded a grant of nearly $80,000 from the Montana Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education to institute a financial literacy program.

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Inceptia Launches Online Resource for Higher Education Professionals

Inceptia has created a free online resource for higher education professionals, industry experts and others who want to help students be successful in building a strong financial foundation and furthering student success.

Proposal Would Push More Sophomores Into U of Nebraska-Lincoln Dorms

A new proposal would require University of Nebraska-Lincoln sophomores who are struggling with their studies to live in dormitories.

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