Student Retention

Morgan CC Ambassadors Help Boost Interest in College

Morgan Community College (Col.) continues to offer its Student Ambassadors' Program, now in its fourth year, to area high school students. Ambassadors are high school representatives who recruit for MCC on a monthly basis by doing a presentation to a high school club or class or attend a community event with MCC.

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U Of Washington Grad Students Want Fewer Fee-Based Programs, Tuition Rollback

Tuition rose dramatically in some graduate-degree programs at the University of Washington after the school made the programs self-supporting.

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Parental Support Sends Down College GPA

Parents who are footing more of the college tuition bill for their children give them a better chance of graduating.

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The $1 Trillion Problem: Protect Your Institution from Student Debt

Educating students is key to minimizing the student loan debt problem affecting your entire campus

The pressure institutions are facing from the growing student loan debt crisis is felt by all departments, from financial aid to admissions. Schools are struggling to justify tuition costs to prospective students, as well as to ensure recent alumni leave pleased with the institution, despite having student loan debt. In this web seminar, originally broadcast on November 13, 2012, representatives from American Student Assistance (ASA), St.

Michigan State U Making Laundry Free For Dorm Residents

The days of exploring couch seats for quarters will be over soon for Michigan State University students who live in residence halls.

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Tidewater Community College Plan Speeds College Degree Process

Local educators are working on a plan to enable students to graduate from high school with associate degrees or certificates of general studies from Tidewater Community College.

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