Student Retention

New Scholarship Targets Older College Students

To help boost the number of Androscoggin County adults with college degrees, there's a new scholarship for adults who may be juggling college, families and jobs.

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U. Of Utah Graduation Rate Sags In Face Of Poor College Readiness

University of Utah graduation rates do not measure up against comparable institutions, undermining the state’s competitiveness and depressing tax revenues, according to a legislative audit released Tuesday.

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Steps to Greater Latino College Completion

With Latinos now representing one in six U.S. residents, the international competitiveness of the nation will depend on the academic success of Latino students, notes the opening of a recent College Board report on Latino college completion. Although the national average of 25- to 34-year-olds in 2009 who had attained an associate degree or higher was 41 percent, just 19 percent of Latinos had done so.

St. Mary's Students Learn To Love Life Aboard Cruise Ship

Driven from their dorms by mold, they're cherishing an odd six weeks aboard the Sea Voyager

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Animal McMansion: Students Trade Dorm For Suburban Luxury

Here in Merced, a city in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley and one of the country’s hardest hit by home foreclosures, the downturn in the real estate market has presented an unusual housing opportunity for thousands of college students.

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Student Loans - Forgive And Forget (Opinion)

One of the great things about America, President Obama told students at the University of Colorado, is that no matter how humble your roots, you still have a shot at a great education. He also told students that his goal is to "make college more affordable." Alas, the president's prescription for making higher education affordable seems likely to yield the same results as his plan for curbing health care costs - that is, it is likely to drive prices higher than inflation.

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Anne Arundel Community College Students Run Makeshift Restaurants

Anne Arundel Community College culinary arts student Lynn Brown said that while growing up in Washington, he would watch his mother prepare dishes that she ultimately taught him to cook.

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In College, Working Hard to Learn High School Material

In June, Desiree Smith was graduated from Murry Bergtraum High. Her grades were in the 90s, she said, and she had passed the four state Regents exams. Since enrolling last month at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, Ms. Smith, 19, has come to realize that graduating from a New York City public high school is not the same as learning.

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High Cost Of First-Year Community College Dropouts

Like making a bad bet in Vegas, taxpayers gamble hundreds of millions of dollars a year on community college students who quit as freshmen - many in California.

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Wyoming Lawmakers Disagree Over College Remediation

Lawmakers on a state education panel disagreed Tuesday how to support the state’s high school students who take remedial courses.

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