Student Retention

California State U Offers Early Start For Students Who Need Math Or English Help

New college students short on math and English skills will be required to complete a special program over the summer before starting at a California State University.

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UT-Austin Unveils Plan to Boost Graduation Rates

UT-Austin President Bill Powers issued a campus-wide email this afternoon acknowledging his receipt of the task force’s recommendations to boost the school's four-year graduation rate to 70 percent by 2016.

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U Of Alabama In Huntsville Tweaks Housing Policy For Local Students

The University of Alabama in Huntsville today announced it is tweaking its mandatory housing policy for some local students.

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Six Questions Transfer Students Ask—And How Advisors Should Answer

Community colleges have always been a popular place for students to begin their higher education career. Often smaller, closer, and more affordable than their four-year counterparts, they can help students get accustomed to college-level work or simply save on tuition. The national goal of producing more college graduates has increased the focus on ensuring students actually transfer on. Keith Coates, a student services advisor at Columbus State Community College, Delaware Campus (Ohio), reports that they’re seeing a lot of students who want to transfer but may not know to where.

Successful Retention Strategies at Sullivan University (Web Seminar)

Thursday, February 23, 2:00 p.m. (Eastern) Retaining students is one of the most critical issues facing colleges and universities today. Yet most institutions only learn of at-risk students after their grades are posted or they drop out. Sullivan University has deployed an early warning system to reach out to students early and more often using data from its student information system, portal solution, and contact management tools.

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Enrollment Figures Reflect Great Trends

Three local colleges, a four-year public school, a four-year private school and a two-year satellite school had three different enrollment stories to tell last week — each a success story.

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Restorative Practices Build Community in the Residence Hall

By Ted Wachtel

Campus residence hall advisors (RAs) have a tough job. But there is a tool that can make their work easier and more effective: restorative practices. 

Most RAs sign on for the job because they want to help build community, provide guidance to their peers and learn what it means to be in a leadership role. RAs, however, also are charged with managing behavior. They are granted a certain amount of authority to enforce campus policies, rules and regulations.

Court Revives Suit Against Eastern Michigan U

A federal appeals court Friday revived a lawsuit filed by a woman who contends she was kicked out of a master's degree program at Eastern Michigan University because of her opposition to homosexuality.

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Alabama A&M Students Hold Protest Rally, Seek More Respect From Administration (Video)

The president of the student government association at Alabama A&M University said at a protest rally Wednesday that the school has steadily deteriorated since he arrived as a freshman in 2008.

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