Student Retention

Princeton Freshmen Who Rush Frats Face Suspension

In keeping with a belief that fraternities and sororities promote social exclusiveness, Princeton University says any freshman who joins, rushes or pledges to a Greek organization starting this fall will face suspension.

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"Will Dropouts Save America?" at UBTech2012

In his latest book, The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s Not Too Late, Michael Ellsberg says going to a good college, studying hard, and graduating with excellent grades is not necessarily the recipe for a successful career.

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Juggling Work, Kids, Debt And College, Older Utah Women Earn Degrees

Gender gap » Life still gets in the way for many women, despite the economic imperative of a college education.

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"Creating a Technology Centered Culture of Student Success" at UBTech2012

Presenters Sandra McMakin, Ana Gonzalez, and Earl Harmsen will highlight the synergy created by integrating offices of Instructional Technology, Institutional Research, Faculty and Administration in planning and implanting successful student success practices.

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Admissions Goes Social

Leveraging social media to attract prospective students and get them to enroll

Last August, when a 5.8-magnitude earthquake shook Virginia, people in offices up the East Coast were reading about the quake before they felt their desks not-so-mysteriously begin to wobble. How? Chalk it up to another feat of Twitter (by this time it had already helped topple unruly regimes in the Middle East). During the earthquake, users tweeted at a rate of 5,500 tweets per second, with 40,000 tweets hitting Twitter timelines and TweetDecks in just one minute.

Level Playing Field

Community colleges using lecture capture in remedial courses

Boosting success for students in remedial education is crucial, particularly given the readiness gap seen at some community colleges. A recent report from McGraw-Hill Higher Education showed that despite receiving a high school diploma, at least 75 percent of first-year students at community colleges aren’t college-ready. And the number of students dropping out during their first year of college continues to rise. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including financial difficulties.

How Student Loan Services Impact the College Experience

Why universities that pick the right partner keep students in class and on track

As new high school graduates anxiously await acceptance letters from their favorite colleges, many will start to plan for this new chapter in their lives by seeking student loans and financial aid to pay for it. After running the gauntlet of qualifying for loans and assistance, many will forget all about it.

When It's Tough To Be First

First-generation college students must navigate a series of unfamiliar paths

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