Student Retention

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College enrollment slides as more return to work

College enrollments declined 2.3% this spring compared with a year earlier, a sign that more students are returning to the workforce as the economy recovers, a report says.

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Reinventing the Student Services Experience

By outsourcing administrative customer queries, staff time can be better spent and student needs can be better met

As students’ expectations for service increase, so does the pressure on an institution to keep enrollment numbers up. The administrative team at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana decided that to keep retention at a high level, it was necessary to provide a seamless, personalized customer service experience to its more than 200,000 enrolled and prospective students.

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Jackson Community College Going Forward with Four-Year Degree

This fall, students attending Jackson Community College (Miss.) could start earning a four-year bachelor's degree in energy production technology or culinary arts.

The JCC Board of Trustees unanimously approved a resolution at its Monday, April 15 meeting asking for baccalaureate granting authority. This, JCC officials said, is required by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’ Higher Learning Commission and the first step in the process.

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Driving Global Recruitment with Advanced CRM

By employing a flexible, configurable CRM system, university administrators can better manage employees and maximize recruitment potential

With the goal of attracting high numbers of international students, Arizona State University needed a solution to interest prospective students on multiple levels. With Campus Management’s Talisma CRM system, ASU was able to transform its admissions and marketing processes by streamlining and automating certain communications. In this web seminar, originally presented on January 17, 2013, an administrator from ASU described how the institution optimized recruiter productivity, as well as maximized student engagement through the utilization of multiple communications channels.

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Only Half of First-Time College Students Graduate in 6 Years

As we’ve covered here many times before, there is an abundance of evidence showing that going to college is worth it.

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Remedial Classes Aren't Helping Thousands Of Michigan College Students

More than a third of Michigan students enrolling in state colleges take high school-level courses that may not be doing any good.

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Secrets to Success in Online College Learning

First, not all online learning can be characterized as failing its students.

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ND Public College Students Vote “No Confidence” In University System Chancellor, Support Buyout

North Dakota public university students have no confidence in state University System Chancellor Hamid Shirvani and would like to see the State Board of Higher Education remove him from his post.

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MOOC Retention Matters

Could the growing popularity of MOOCs cause retention troubles? Yes, if companies and schools come up with a way to offer credit for the courses, experts say.

Jennifer Beyer, a solutions consultant at Hobsons, expects the issue to start appearing if credit is offered, and also if access is no longer free.

Staying Online

Five strategies for keeping students engaged and retained in online courses

In President Barack Obama’s 2012 State of the Union address, he made it clear that increasing college graduation rates would be a main priority of his administration. In the months that followed, “MOOC” became the buzzword of the year, bringing online learning to the forefront of the education conversation. But whether they’re massive and open or they enroll 12 students, online courses have traditionally given institutions trouble in the area of retention—an issue that could dampen the goal of leading the world with the highest share of college graduates by 2020.