Student Life Cycle Management

FAME Partners with American Student Assistance to Tackle College Affordability and Student Debt

The Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) has partnered with American Student Assistance (ASA) to revolutionize how Maine college-goers finance and repay their higher education costs.

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ND State College Of Science Gay Football Player Removed From Team

North Dakota State College of Science freshman football player Jamie Kuntz has voluntarily withdrawn his enrollment at school on Tuesday according to a statement issued by school officials.

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California Community College Board OKs New Registration Policies

The governing board of California's community colleges approves registration policies intended to make it easier for students to reach their educational goals.

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Purdue Enrollment Takes A Planned Dip

Undergraduate enrollment at Purdue University is down a bit from last year as part of a plan to make space for additional graduate students.

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The Future of College Recruitment

Connecting with a new generation

It’s really no surprise that today’s technology-savvy generation is challenging elements of the traditional college recruitment process. The conventional approaches of marketing, recruitment and admissions are all being called into question, in part, due to two driving factors—external influences and the changing needs of today’s student. This article explores these factors and offers ideas on what can be done to reach, and connect, with more students.

University Of Minnesota Crookston Breaks Enrollment Record With Help Of Online Students

The University of Minnesota-Crookston, reported that it broke enrollment records on its first day Tuesday, thanks to new online students. Of the 1,773 students enrolled so far, 39 percent are online-only students, according to unofficial reports.

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Los Angeles College Students Face More Crowds, Fewer Classes

Students on Los Angeles campuses struggle with trying to get needed classes, or any at all, as state budget cuts continue to take their toll on the community college system.

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Virtual Viewbooks: Ready? Or Not?

Admissions officers go digital with their institutional introductions

Millennials, the generation born between the late 1970s and early 2000s, speak a language all their own. A digital camera is a camera; a cell phone is a phone. They’ve grown up with the internet and are wholly immersed in technology with websites like Amazon and Zappos customized to their individual interests.
The question for higher education enrollment managers is this: Is the viewbook, the crown jewel of the admissions process, ready for a leap into the online world? The answer: A resounding maybe.

Observing Reverse Transfers

Reverse transfers­—students changing from a four-year institution to a community college—are nothing new, but until now the phenomenon wasn’t well understood. “Reverse Transfer: A National View of Student Mobility from Four-Year to Two-Year Institutions,” a National Student Clearinghouse Research Center report, dispels some of the myths surrounding reverse transfers so administrators can better serve them.