Student Life Cycle Management

Study Finds Low Graduation Rates Among Part-Time College Students

More students are attending college part time, and they face a tougher time getting to graduation day, according to a new report from the nonprofit Complete College America.

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Evisors Announces 15 New College and University Partners; Schools Expand Career Services to Include Professional Experts

Evisors, an online marketplace for expert advice, announced today that it has partnered with 15 colleges and universities, granting students and alumni access to its network of nearly 1,000 highly-qualified and knowledgeable professional experts, such as career coaches, CEOs, successful entrepreneurs and top admissions consultants. Evisors has forged partnerships with both undergraduate and graduate schools.

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College Graduation Rates Are Stagnant Even as Enrollment Rises, a Study Finds

A report to be released on Tuesday by a group seeking to raise college graduation rates shows that despite decades of steadily climbing enrollment rates, the percentage of students making it to the finish line is barely budging.

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Report: Actions for Completion

The oft-noted statistics are grim: only about half of college students complete any degree or certificate within six years, according to the Information Center for Higher Education Policy Making and Analysis. In the fall of 2010, public policy firm HCM Strategists and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched a series of conversations for institutional leaders dedicated to increasing success for students traditionally underrepresented in higher education. HCM staff also conducted interviews with 30 campus leaders.

Veterans Center Plays Key Role At U of Iowa

A set of business cards line the bases of the two computers inside the Veterans Center at the University of Iowa.

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The University Is a Black Hole: The Crisis of Data in College Admissions

The market for higher education is broken. Despite massive increases in tuition, students continue to flock to colleges and universities where the likelihood of earning a degree, let alone finding success in the labor market, is distressingly low. As a result, levels of student debt and loan default rates are at all-time highs, leading some to declare that "sub-prime" has "gone to college" and that this bubble too shall burst.

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Men Far More Likely To Benefit From Affirmative Action In College Admissions

In the 1970s, after twice being denied admission to medical school at U.C. Davis, Allan Bakke sued the University of California over its admissions policies. A white male, Bakke charged the university with reverse racial discrimination. His suit went to the Supreme Court, where it became a landmark split decision that, while upholding affirmative action as legal, ordered that Bakke be admitted to Davis. The case helped galvanize the movement against affirmative action.

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Official: Dickinson State Enrollment Off More Initial Estimates

Dickinson State University’s 2010 enrollment numbers were inflated even more than originally anticipated, a North Dakota University System official told The Dickinson Press today.

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U Louisiana at Lafayette Freshman Class Biggest Since 1999

The fall 2011 freshman class at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is its largest since it implemented selective admissions in 1999, according to a ULL news release.

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University Of Calif. Davis To Unveil Major Initiative

UC Davis today plans to announce a major initiative that could substantially increase the size of the student body.

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