Student Life Cycle Management

Steps to Greater Latino College Completion

With Latinos now representing one in six U.S. residents, the international competitiveness of the nation will depend on the academic success of Latino students, notes the opening of a recent College Board report on Latino college completion. Although the national average of 25- to 34-year-olds in 2009 who had attained an associate degree or higher was 41 percent, just 19 percent of Latinos had done so.

The Sequence of Assessment Priorities

Making choices about how to assess what students have learned

Everyone in higher education at last understands that important components of “the public”—state and federal officials, nongovernmental accrediting bodies, and prospective students and their parents—expect a college to cite compelling evidence that students learn a great deal at that institution. Officials who are most eager to make evidence available believe students will enroll only in colleges demonstrating that their graduates experience impressive intellectual growth over four years.

The Other Student Loan Problem: Too Little Debt

Students who take extreme steps to avoid debt at all costs may get stuck with something much more financially damaging than moderate student loan debt. They may not wind up with a college degree.

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Yale Law Professors Urge Paying Students To Drop Out

Proposal would help curb law student debt discourage schools from admitting those unlikely to succeed

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Early Applications On Rise At Colleges

High school seniors hoping for an advance nod from Harvard University have swamped it with an unusually large group of early applications that represent the most economically and ethnically diverse set of students in the school’s history.

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UW-Madison Steps Up Sales Pitch To Recruit New Students

This fall, UW-Madison admissions counselors marched into the hallways, gyms and guidance offices of more high schools than ever before.

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U of Arkansas Considers Limiting Enrollment

University of Arkansas officials are considering limiting enrollment at the flagship campus in Fayetteville where close to 25,000 students are enrolled, the campus chancellor said.

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Review: Change How U of Illinois's Enrollment Is Managed

How students apply and are accepted and awarded financial aid at the University of Illinois could change in the coming years, after a comprehensive review commissioned by President Michael Hogan.

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Would-Be Engineers Hit Books the Hardest, a Study Finds

Business majors spend less time on course work than other college students, but they devote more hours to nonschool duties, like earning money and caring for family members. In contrast, engineering students spend the most time studying and the least on outside demands.

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University System Of Georgia Sets Enrollment Record System Wide, Ga. Highlands Enrollment Up

If Georgia’s 35 public colleges and universities seem to be busy places this fall, that is because enrollment in the University System of Georgia has set another record. According to the USG’s fall semester enrollment report, 318,027 students are attending college – an increase of 6,585 students, or 2.1 percent, from fall 2010 to fall 2011.

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