Student Life Cycle Management

Speed Puts Community Colleges Front And Center

Fitzpatrick Manufacturing Co. is a high-tech job shop, crafting super-precise parts for machines used in everything from robotics to aerospace to oil exploration. Macomb Community College lies a few miles down the road in this Detroit suburb.

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U of Utah Shifts Admission Policy To Better Address Older Students

The University of Utah is revising its admissions policy for some older students in the wake of a civil-rights complaint filed by a learning-disabled applicant who was denied admission because he read and wrote at only a fourth-grade level.

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Vermont Pushes To Get More Students To College

A number of strategies in Vermont to get more students to pursue higher education or training after high school.

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Southern U at New Orleans Chancellor Has Vision Of A 'Universal University'

Southern University at New Orleans weathered two challenges in the past year that could have doomed the historically black university. It survived an attempt by Gov. Bobby Jindal to merge it with the University of New Orleans, a proposal that touched off a furor before dying in the Legislature. It also managed to persuade inspectors to renew its accreditation for 10 years, despite the slow pace of repairs after Hurricane Katrina.

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Cal State Northridge Students Stress Out Under Tightened Enrollment

Thousands remain in limbo as the over-enrolled campus imposes class and credit limits to avoid a $7-million fine.

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As Colleges Obsess Over Rankings, Students Shrug

When US News & World Report debuted its list of "America's Best Colleges" nearly 30 years ago, the magazine hoped its college rankings would be a game-changer for students and families. But arguably, they've had a much bigger effect on colleges themselves.

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CollegeWeekLive Now Connects Students and Colleges Live Online, Every Day

While the largest segment of college admissions inquiries is initiated online, most colleges spend less than the cost of one traveling admissions representative online. Despite $300,000 to $3 million spent annually on staff and travel to high schools, colleges reach just 10% of high schools and reach an even smaller fraction of college-bound students through visits to high schools. Sending admissions staff to visit high schools is expensive and time consuming, and is not effective in a wired world.

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Restorative Practices Build Community in the Residence Hall

By Ted Wachtel

Campus residence hall advisors (RAs) have a tough job. But there is a tool that can make their work easier and more effective: restorative practices. 

Most RAs sign on for the job because they want to help build community, provide guidance to their peers and learn what it means to be in a leadership role. RAs, however, also are charged with managing behavior. They are granted a certain amount of authority to enforce campus policies, rules and regulations.