Student Life Cycle Management

Are College Entrants Overdiagnosed as Underprepared? (Opinion)

A few weeks ago, Dr. H. Gilbert Welch of Dartmouth College published an Op-Ed article in The New York Times critiquing the pervasive use of screening tests for early diagnosis in medicine. The rationale for widespread screening — to catch disease early, before people get really sick — is intuitively appealing.

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Study: Texas Not Making The Grade In Higher Education

If Texas wants to be a stronger competitor globally in the future, it needs a plan that helps more people earn college certificates or degrees, according to a University of Pennsylvania report released Wednesday.

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Impact Of Audit Affecting Dickinson State U Recruiting

The president of Dickinson State University says the school is losing potential students every day while its out-of-state tuition rate remains undecided.

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‘First Generation’ Chronicles Students’ Difficult Path to College

The college admissions process can be confusing on its own, but the missteps are multiplied, it seems, when a young applicant looks around and can find no relatives who’ve ever been through it.

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Tennesee Higher Education Leaders Focus On College Completion Strategies With Governor Bill Haslam

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam will lead a conversation with Tennessee college and university leaders Tuesday about the future of postsecondary education and workforce development.

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Families Seeking ‘College Knowledge’ Increasingly Hire Private Consultants

The gap between what high school students and their families believe they know about college admissions and what they actually need to know can be larger than they think.

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High Anxiety For Students Awaiting College Admissions Letters

Colleges throughout the nation usually notify applicants that they are accepted — or rejected — by April 1.

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Mobile Web Solutions in Admissions: Hitting or Missing the Mark?

Published at the end of January, the Noel-Levitz study on the mobile browsing behaviors and expectations of prospective students provided this list of six items considered to be the most valuable content for mobile experiences: academic program listing, cost/scholarship calculators, calendar of important dates and deadlines, specific details about academic programs, application process summary and online applications forms.