Space Management

The Benefits of Sustainability

In today’s discussions about buildings and architecture for higher education campuses, sustainability is touted for its positive environmental impact. However, sustainable design can be more than just responsible earth stewardship. It can impact operational costs, support and improve student learning, and even promote change in students’ behavior. Universities should approach sustainability as an expectation, not an add-on, incorporating it into the building process and thinking about all of its potential impact when making design decisions.

Getting It Right:

A Guide to Managing Multicampus Space Scheduling and Transportation Challenges

ONE HARDLY NEEDS TO BE A SPACE OR TRANSPORTATION planning expert to realize this: Having classes and services on more than one campus presents logistical challenges. Which faculty and staff should be based at the “other” campus? What classes should be held there? What transportation programs are needed? How do you ensure that those heading over there for class don’t miss too much on the main campus because of the travel time?

A Prime Investment

Developers are turning commercial real estate into institutional student housing

Current college enrollment statistics have reached record-breaking levels, thanks to the approximately 4.2 million echo boomers who enter institutions of higher education every year. Fully 78 million strong, echo boomers are the children of the baby boomer generation, born between 1982 and 1995, according to U.S.

Enrollment Capacity

A major driver to an institution?s ?best? aid strategy

WHEN ANALYZING FINANCIAL AID strategies for our clients, one of the questions we always ask is “Are you at capacity?” For many institutions, this is a difficult question to answer, and often we hear different answers from different corners of the campus.

Finished in a Flash

Considering a fast-track construction plan? Here's a look at what crowding a project calendar will really cost a campus.

WHEN THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL Florida's enrollment explosion more than double the number of students since President John Hitt’s arrival in 1992, the institution’s 5,000-seat arena wasn’t cutting it anymore. The student head count at UCF’s main campus in Orlando is now up to around 43,000. But despite assurances of the sort we see in the movies, when administrators began planning for a new arena a few years ago they knew it wasn’t as simple as just getting the project going and everything would be fine. For starters, points out CFO William F.

Designed to Flow

Unified design can steer campuses into the 21st century, once we figure out how to use it.

DON'T WORRY IF YOU can’t express the difference between long-term planning and unified design on a campus. Even architects say they’re fuzzy on the difference.

Dorms of Distinction

Top residence halls for today's students

RESIDENCE HALLS HAVE COME A LONG WAY. THE traditional double-loaded corridors, cramped quarters, and cinderblock walls are being replaced by places nearly anyone would proudly call home.

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