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Inside Look: Welcome centers

Institutions work to make prospective students, visitors feel at ease as soon as they step on campus

While the “curb appeal” of well-manicured lawns as well as easy parking are crucial parts of the first impression a campus makes, how welcome visitors feel once inside the first building they encounter on campus is just as important.

To make their campuses more enticing and friendly to those who aren’t used to making their way around there, some institutions have created welcome centers as a first stop for prospective students, family members, alumni, and other guests.

Inside Look: Student Centers

Visual appeal and flexibility help build culture and community

The campus student center may once have been the place students passed through on the way to their next class. But these facilities have evolved into bustling destinations that foster campus culture and community.

The Big(ger) Picture: Why Integrated Master Planning Works—And Who to Get Involved

At The Ohio State University, the term “master plan” is obsolete. That’s because what traditional master plans often lack—input from an institution’s academic and finance folks—are an integral part of the One Ohio State Framework Plan, shares Amanda Hoffsis, senior director of physical planning.

Floor Plans

Using scheduling technology—and practical policy—to accommodate higher enrollments

A hallmark of community colleges is being nimble enough in their class offerings to respond quickly to the changing needs of their students. Additional faculty can be hired to teach the new courses, but classroom space is often a fixed resource that isn’t so easily added. “We would not turn down a new classroom building,” says Tony Honeycutt, provost of Somerset Community College (Ky.) with a laugh, “but we can meet our needs for classroom space through better scheduling.”

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"If You Build It, They Will Come!" at UBTech 2012

Hear why involving IT early in the process will save time, money and unnecessary headache down the road.

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UC Berkeley Students Cling To Mystical Murals

A magical charm protects a small area of the UC Berkeley campus, it is said.

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Public College, Private Dorm

With state budgets tight and demand for a college education at a high point, public universities across the country are increasingly turning to the private sector to build and finance on-campus dormitories.

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New Modern Library At Old Dominion Speaks Volumes

Old Dominion University's main library just doesn't look much like a library anymore. A $10 million renovation and expansion transformed it into something more - something tailored to fast-changing learning styles in a multimedia world.

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Montclair State University Opens Privately Funded Dorm Building

Montclair State University student Tim Meyer spent his freshman year squeezed into an aging cinder-block dorm room with two roommates and a community bathroom down the hall.

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Marist College's Hancock Center

Mixing technology with tradition

Overlooking the Hudson River, this tech center helps orient the Marist College (N.Y.) campus to the river and will help enforce the role of technology across disciplines.