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TargetX Launches Social CRM for College Admissions, Adds Other Enhancements to Its Student Recruitment Manager®

Student recruiting firm TargetX has announced a dramatic series of enhancements to its CRM tool for college admissions. The Student Recruitment Manager (SRM), first introduced in 2008, now makes it possible to connect with prospective students like never before, according to TargetX CEO Brian Wm. Niles.

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College Flash Mobs Become Pep Rallies Made for YouTube

Three steps to starting college: Meet roommate. Unpack in dorm room. Then, sometime during orientation, hear music, see a student start dancing, watch as more dancers join in, and join the campus flash mob. (Or if you miss the actual event, watch it over and over on YouTube, to see how many people you recognize.)

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Colleges Can Now Track Social Web 'Chatter' to Help Recruit Students Thanks to TargetX CRM Tool

Student recruiting firm TargetX is making it possible for admissions offices to capitalize on the dominant role of social media in the lives of their prospective students. Through a key enhancement to the Student Recruitment Manager (SRM), TargetX is integrating the two most important social networks into its groundbreaking customer relationship management system.

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Jenzabar’s Continuing Education Software Goes Social

Jenzabar®, Inc., a leading provider of software, services and strategies for higher education, announced today a new feature within Higher Reach by Jenzabar® that allows higher education institutions to create a Facebook Catalogue Application, connecting the continuing education catalogue directly with the school’s Facebook page.

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On Campus: Donors Pledge $1 For Every New Follower Of UW-Madison Facebook And Twitter

A family of UW-Madison boosters have come up with a novel way to give scholarship money while also increasing support for the university on social media.

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Can Facebook Doom a College Application?

A case for engaging higher education-minded students via purpose networks

In our wired, social media-saturated world, many of us are connected to family and friends on Facebook and to business colleagues and other professionals via LinkedIn. These connections are undeniably meaningful and beneficial to each of us personally, and potentially, professionally.

But what about networks that may exist for gaining access to a deeper, more sophisticated level of expertise, information sharing, timely guidance, or shared interests? The implications could be huge for those of us in the education space.

Behind the News

The tornadoes that ripped across the South in April devastated everything in their paths. Some institutions had to close their doors before semester’s end.

Time to Reveal What You Know About Students?

A case for data disclosure

Ever wonder what Facebook does with the information it collects about you? Ever wonder what you could do with that same information? Economist Richard Thaler of The University of Chicago recently raised the notion that consumers could benefit if companies would turn the data they collect over to the public. His mantra is, “It’s my data--give it back!”

All Things Transfer

How institutions are evolving to meet the needs of a growing market

Transfer used to be what happened when students realized too late that they picked a college or university that wasn't right for them. It wasn't until recently that the valuable market of transfer students has started being studied and really tapped into.

"For a while, transfers were kind of looked at as extra," says Bonita C. Jacobs, executive director of The National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students at the University of North Texas. Admissions offices began realizing they'd be left behind if they didn't start recruiting transfers.

Location, Location, Location

Should institutions dive into Foursquare and other location-based services?

Based on Twitter, blogs, and web conferences, it looks like everybody in higher education is talking about check-ins, Facebook Places, Foursquare, Gowalla, and SCVNGR. No matter where they work, from liberal arts colleges to big state universities, many web communication and online marketing professionals have already adopted location-based services (LBS). More and more have been busy claiming the Facebook Place for their institution, creating a Gowalla tour, applying for the Foursquare University Program, or setting up their first SCVNGR trek.