Smart Classrooms

University of Denver creates new system for rich media course libraries

Built on the Adobe® Flash® Platform, CourseMedia application enables tagging, editing, commenting and collaborating on rich-media objects

As new technologies are developed, many tried-and-true staples of academia have fallen. So it is with the carousel slide projector.

Long a staple of art history classes, slide projectors are becoming obsolete, and while many professors and instructors have plenty of media, they don't have a way to replace the projector itself.

For the University of Denver's multimedia department this presented an opportunity not only to solve an immediate problem but to create something that would go beyond the traditional uses of media objects.

What's New

Looking for higher education technology products and services? Start here.

What's New

Looking for higher education technology products and services? Start here.

VUKUNET web platform by NEC Display Solutions of America can turn a digital signage display into a source for vendor advertising—and revenue for an institution—in public spaces with much foot traffic. Campus officials can register their institution's network and include demographics about the location and how much ad time is available, and then use the web platform for approving offers from agencies for ad placements. The web platform enables ad content to be uploaded and displayed as needed on the network.

Star Trek: Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in Science


What does analyzing crime scene DNA, racing in a cardboard boat regatta, and practicing healthcare in Tanzania have in common? First off, these scientific learning moments are more fun and engaging than gazing endlessly at traditional textbooks, test tubes, and microscopes.

The Cost of Innovation

Thoughts on teaching and learning and the bottom line

THE PREVAILING MODEL FOR INNOVATION IN TEACHING is drawn from the conviction of many funders that any teaching innovation in teaching requires faculty to be released from normal duties to try something new.

Cellular Colleges: The Next Small Thing

Several U.S.-based institutions are now exploring cellular colleges.

We know automakers are in trouble-they paid attention to what once was, instead of what will be. Could American higher ed suffer the same hubris or will we now witness a new generation of cellular teachers and learners?

What's New

Looking for higher-education technology products and services? Start here.

Lexmark has two new lines of printers designed with the environment in mind. Both have built-in two-sided printing to reduce paper waste and allow for instant warm-up for incoming print jobs while cutting down on power when idle.

Higher Education Moves to Online Classrooms

Web conferencing, eLearning allow students to progress with confidence

Jason Shaeffer expected that improving eLearning services at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco would lead to better recruitment of national and international students. What he wasn't quite anticipating was how much it would change the way students learn and pursue their passions.

The Future Is Now

How e-learning is growing as an accepted tool for teaching

I'VE BEEN PART OF THE REAL-TIME collaboration segment of the online learning world for more than 10 years as a vendor and consultant. Educators used to say, "Cool demo of that online collaboration stuff. But why do I need to use this?