Smart Classrooms

State-of-the-Art Small Animal Hospital Maximizes Learning, Minimizes Waste

AMX in-camera lights and microphones give more students a close-up view of surgery

Veterinary students who once huddled together to observe a surgeon's intricate moves now have another learning option at the University of Florida. There, AMX technology allows students near and far to have a bird's eye view of every small step of a procedure.

Expanding course programming through streaming video conferencing

Students at Arkansas' Hendrix College attend a weekly theater class at Rollins College, nearly a thousand miles away in Florida, without leaving their campus. It's part of the Associated Colleges of the South's New Paradigm Initiative that uses remote video conferencing to pool teaching resources. Now students at any of the 16 ACS member campuses can take advantage of faculty expertise at another member school.

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New 'Flipped Classroom' Learning Model Catching On In Wisconsin Schools

It's being employed not only in local elementary and high schools, but also at Madison Area Technical College, UW-Madison and even the Madison Fire Department.

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Challenges in Designing a Collaborative Classroom (as it relates to AV)

At UBTech, Tim Schnabel, Director of Education Programs at Extron Electronics, will provide an in-depth discussion on challenges you will face when incorporating A/V technologies in your classroom and strategies for successful implementation that benefits all stakeholders.

Inside Look: Learning Spaces

Meeting classroom teaching and collaboration expectations

Gone are the days when a basic classroom with a podium and desks was considered an acceptable learning space. In fact, according to CDW-G’s “Learn Now, Lecture Later” report released in June 2012, 47 percent of instructors surveyed said they are moving beyond the lecture-only model. In addition, 71 percent of students and 77 percent of instructors said they use more classroom technology than just two years ago.

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Washington College Instructors Are 'Flipping' The Way They Teach

In a trend called flipping the classroom, new technology tools and different approaches to learning are changing the way some college faculty teach their courses.

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5 Reasons Flipped Classrooms Work

Turning lectures into homework to boost student engagement and increase technology-fueled creativity

By now, most of us have heard the term “flipped classroom” and learned that the concept is not as aerodynamic as its name. But it is becoming a movement. In this type of learning space, lectures and other traditional classroom elements are swapped out in favor of more in-person interaction, like small group problem solving and discussion.

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New TechSmith Education Pricing Fits Any Education Structure

From Individual Teachers to an Entire School District or University, New Academic Pricing Structure Provides the Flexibility Needed to Bring

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IntraCom Systems Releases a 2RU Dual Touchscreen IP Matrix Intercom Control Panel

IntraCom Systems, LLC, the Los Angeles based developer of VCOM, the leading software IP Matrix Intercom System, announced today the availability of its new 2RU VCOM Touchpanel™.

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