UC Davis Officials Sued Over Pepper Spraying

Nineteen students and alumni file a federal lawsuit alleging that their free speech and assembly rights were violated in the Occupy-related incident.

ERP in the Ethers

Cloud computing is gaining acceptance, but is it core ready?

Acceptance of cloud computing—the practice of storing data in off-site servers rather than on campus—has been growing by leaps and bounds, at least in some areas. “It’s growing in the areas easier to rip and replace, such as CRM,” says Stan Swete, chief technology officer at Workday, which offers HR and Payroll systems through software as a service (SaaS).

Background Checks on College Students Rising

Lessons learned the hard way

Sometimes tragedy creates change for the better—a sad reality that is being illustrated on campuses across the country as an increasing number of colleges mandated background screenings for students, particularly those enrolled in health science programs.

U Of Wisconsin Police Investigating Third Allegation Against Chadima

A third allegation of misconduct involving an adult male has been cast against a former top UW athletic official, adding to a growing investigation of John Chadima.

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City College of S.F. Tells FBI Of Computer Viruses

City College of San Francisco officials have informed the FBI that computer viruses with origins in criminal networks have been found on campus computers, but say they have yet to find a single victim whose identity has been stolen.

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Montclair State University Police Investigate Anti-Gay Bias Crimes

Montclair State University police are investigating three incidents in the past week in which someone wrote threatening, anti-gay messages in a note and on the walls of the student center.

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Barix Announces Wi-Fi Voice Paging App for iOS Devices

Barix AG, a pioneer in IP audio, control and monitoring, brings voice paging to the iPhone and iPad via the Barix Wi-Fi Paging App — the first open-standards IP and multicast voice announcer application for mobile iOS devices.

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Caution Urged In City College Of San Francisco Computer Use

As thousands of students and employees return today to City College of San Francisco - where criminal hackers, it turns out, have been scanning computer data for years - campus officials are warning everyone to change computer passwords, avoid using school computers for banking or purchases, and to check home computers for viruses.

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