A Different Kind of Intervention

Armed with new data, campus leaders are taking a more broad-based approach to handling substance-abuse issues.

Security Officers Speak Out

Five public safety directors share their insights on securing a campus and how current issues are shaping that responsibility.

FOLLOWING A PERIOD OF VIOLENT TRAGEDIES AT HIGHER ED INSTITUTIONS, it's easy to forget that public safety directors mainly handle everyday security concerns on and off their campuses. Five security officers share what affects their departments today and what they anticipate in the near future.

Timely Warning

A CIO's perspective on the value of a well planned and coordinated emergency response system

Cyber-harassment in Academia

The process of leading higher learning institutions is not for the faint-hearted. Leaders are called upon to navigate the competing and sometimes hidden agendas of multiple taskmasters and the communities their institutions call home. A new challenge that is showing up on the agenda of administrators in higher education is cyber-bullying among students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Should Students Be Armed?


President's Letter


Greetings, and welcome to NEC Campus Report.

Improve your campus safety with NEC's Emergency Campus Notification Solution


Today's campus communities are more connected than ever, but at many colleges and universities the task of immediately notifying everyone about an emergency remains a challenge.