Cleaning Out My Inbox


I HAVE LEARNED THAT THIS COLUMN CAN touch a few nerves. Two examples of this are editorials I wrote about guns and alcohol, both of which continue to draw reader response long after they were published.

An Act Worth Balancing

Privacy and safety on today's college campuses

College students today are walking around on campuses with their privacy protected and their safety at risk. But the laws and regulations that govern the privacy of student information, including medical and mental health records, also permit sharing under certain circumstances.

Seeking a Drinking Age Debate

Perspectives from an Amethyst Initiative signatory about moving the dialogue forward

AS AN ENTHUSIASTIC signatory to the Amethyst Initiative, a joint statement issued by college and university presidents and chancellors urging public debate on the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, I am pleased to say the discussion is certainly underway.

Coming to Terms

How mediation can resolve campus disputes without litigation

DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING campus disputes sound familiar to you?

--An academic department chair is struggling with warring factions among the faculty who do not get along and are engaged in petty in fighting.

A Different Kind of Intervention

Armed with new data, campus leaders are taking a more broad-based approach to handling substance-abuse issues.

LONG BEFORE HE BECAME PRESIDENT OF <b>Frostburg State University</b> (Md.), Jonathan C. Gibralter was teaching elsewhere. The high level of student alcohol abuse compelled him and his wife-who ran the alcohol and drug prevention program there-to personally urge the president to take action.

Security Officers Speak Out

Five public safety directors share their insights on securing a campus and how current issues are shaping that responsibility.

FOLLOWING A PERIOD OF VIOLENT TRAGEDIES AT HIGHER ED INSTITUTIONS, it's easy to forget that public safety directors mainly handle everyday security concerns on and off their campuses. Five security officers share what affects their departments today and what they anticipate in the near future.

Timely Warning

A CIO's perspective on the value of a well planned and coordinated emergency response system

ON FEBRUARY 20, A MEMO threatening violence and referencing <b>Virginia Tech</b> was found taped to a hallway wall at <b>Saint Peter's College</b> in Jersey City, N.J., spurring a five-hour campus lockdown.

Cyber-harassment in Academia

The process of leading higher learning institutions is not for the faint-hearted. Leaders are called upon to navigate the competing and sometimes hidden agendas of multiple taskmasters and the communities their institutions call home. A new challenge that is showing up on the agenda of administrators in higher education is cyber-bullying among students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Should Students Be Armed?


IN MID-APRIL, AMONG THE HUNDREDS OF articles that recognized the one-year anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy, one particular headline on CNN's website caught my attention. "Students Want Chance to Defend Themselves," it read.

President's Letter


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