Risk Management

The Shifting Instructional Technology Landscape

What the future holds for learning management systems and related technology

The look of instructional technology is changing rapidly, as are the roles and strategies of the IT professional. Higher education technology’s legacy was characterized by six key areas: a strong sense of faculty ownership; hidden costs of free systems and networks; content and delivery mechanisms that were not well-differentiated; unstructured innovation; systems that would neither scale nor integrate; and service levels that were little more than “We’ll give it our best”--all with security being a mere afterthought.

Are colleges doing enough to combat sexual assault allegations?

What procedures should an institution implement to avoid loss of funding or civil liability?

President Obama recently established a task force to protect students from sexual assault. According to a White House Memorandum of January 22, 2014, one in five female students is a survivor of attempted or actual sexual assault that occurred while in college. The unfortunate and heartbreaking situation with University of Missouri swimmer, Sasha Menu Courey, has recently placed the issue of on- and off-campus sexual assault in the spot light. In 2010, Ms. Courey was allegedly raped by one or more members of the University’s football team.

Balancing campus safety and civil rights

A conundrum for campus administrators

The September 11, 2001 attacks evoked a new era of national security and anxiety. The country responded with sweeping security measures that have sparked a growing concern over perceived violations of individual civil rights and liberties. This national debate surrounding the tension between national or organizational security and individual privacy can be especially complex when played out on one of the most widely recognized free speech forums: a university campus. Consider this hypothetical:

Coming to terms with tenure

Strong procedures and policies in places which will ensure strict compliance with the law

The tenure process remains instrumental to universities in maintaining academic freedom and in soliciting the country’s top minds to forgo employment in industry and seek employment in higher education. However, the system has evolved overtime, and so have the requirements for making and holding onto tenure. At the same time, the economic crisis of the last few years has opened a flood gate of highly qualified applicants seeking employment as faculty.

Hiring and contracting to avoid discrimination

Applying the concepts of job relevance and business necessity

Most of us would agree that Safe Hiring and Safe Contracting programs are an important part of college operations. These issues may become more difficult, though, when they are associated with employee hiring or contractor selection processes and the accompanying consideration of various risks, particularly those related to previous criminal behaviors. It can be further complicated by the fact that access to students, faculty and secure facilities must also be considered in the evaluation.

University governance after Penn State

While running a business is very different from running a large university that is subject to public records laws and public opinion, trustees can draw on best practices from the corporate world to head off scandals before they happen.

The grand jury indictment of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky on charges of child sex abuse, in November of 2011, ignited the most prominent university scandal in recent memory. Former federal judge and FBI Director Louis Freeh conducted a full-scale investigation of the incident after allegations surfaced of a university-wide cover up. Freeh’s final report laid much of the blame at the feet of the board of trustees, finding that the board had “failed to exercise its oversight and reasonable inquiry responsibilities.”

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Tech firms strike partnership with universities to bolster financial planning

To combat the short supply of qualified next-generation advisors, a group of technology firms has formed a partnership called FAStech to give participating universities free access to eight top software technologies that advisors use.

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Oklahoma State University's Response To Sexual Assault Reports Was 'Misguided'

The response by officials at Oklahoma State University to a series of sexual assault reports on campus was “misguided,” according to a report from OSU's governing board.

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Principals In Va Tech Lawsuit Appeal To Justices

Attorneys for the parents of two students who were killed in the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre asked Tuesday for a Supreme Court hearing on their request to put Tech's president on trial for negligence.

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Joe Paterno's Family Claims Report Proves His Innocence

Perhaps the late, former Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno, didn’t help cover up the sexual crimes committed by former Nittany Lion defensive coordinator coach Jerry Sandusky, after all.

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