Loyola Begins Makeover Project For Aging Buddig Hall Dorm

Preliminary work has begun on a $22 million project to renovate Buddig Hall, a 45-year-old dormitory that, at 12 stories, is the tallest structure on Loyola University's campus.

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Criticized Old Dominion U Dorm Receives Stamp Of Approval

The alarm system is fixed, exterior doors have been repaired and additional security guards have been hired at The District at ODU, a popular private dormitory that city officials cracked down on earlier this year after an inspection found myriad security and safety problems.

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Grand Rapids Community College Trustee Says Tax Hike Is Needed, One Building 'Not Even Safe' And People Would Be 'A Little Ashamed' Of Facilities

Grand Rapids Community College's music building “is not even safe” and people visiting campus would be “a little ashamed,” veteran trustee Ellen James said as administrators unfolded plans for a $100 million tax increase request.

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MIT Injecting Life Into Kendall Square

For all of its success as a center of commerce, Kendall Square in Cambridge remains something of an urban desert, with unused spaces and buildings isolated by wide streets, exaggerating the sense of emptiness.

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The Decision: Selecting an architect for your campus

Any institution contemplating building or renovating a facility will inevitably hire an architect. The process of selecting one is often rushed or overlooked, particularly considering its long-term implications. The architectural firm you hire is coming on board to design something important, likely big, and almost certainly expensive. It better be the right one and you better like it a lot because you will be working together for a substantial amount of time. What the firm produces will become a reflection of you and your institution.

Grand Rapids Community College Surpasses $15 Million Goal For Renovations

Grand Rapids Community College leaders say they've surpassed their $15 million goal to renovate buildings on two campuses.

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UMass Officials Propose $3.1B In New Construction, Upgrades

University of Massachusetts trustees approved a $3.1 billion plan yesterday to build and renovate science labs, dorms, and athletic facilities, even as the school carries substantial debt from previous construction projects.

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Power Outages Highlight Need For University Of Utah’s $99M Utilities Fix

At 2 a.m. Monday it happened again: Eighty University of Utah buildings went dark, the latest in an ongoing series of power outages on the state’s flagship campus. The outages disrupt classes, imperil research and stress administrators as they struggle to keep an aging network of corroded pipes and brittle wires intact with temporary but costly fixes.

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Growing Green Building Policies

It's rare to even hear about a single new campus building these days that wasn't built with sustainability principles in mind. Inevitably, institutional officials are learning not to reinvent the wheel every time a new construction project comes up. Creating a green building policy is one way of ensuring sustainability is a collective goal--a goal that will likely benefit future project design teams.