State-of-the-Art Small Animal Hospital Maximizes Learning, Minimizes Waste

AMX in-camera lights and microphones give more students a close-up view of surgery

Veterinary students who once huddled together to observe a surgeon's intricate moves now have another learning option at the University of Florida. There, AMX technology allows students near and far to have a bird's eye view of every small step of a procedure.

New projector technology changes paradigm of classroom AV management

The University of Minnesota installs new Sony laser projectors

As one of the nation’s largest public institutions, the University of Minnesota includes some 65,000 students on five campuses across the state, with its main campus in Minneapolis-St. Paul. In the year 2000, the leadership of the university began an ambitious plan to install video projectors in all 325 centrally scheduled classrooms and nearly 200 departmental classrooms on campus. Today, all classrooms have projectors installed, and they are maintained by the university’s Classroom Technical Services, which installs and maintains all classroom AV equipment on campus.

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Ricoh unveils projection system for education

Ricoh Americas Corporation unveiled a new line of projection systems that uniquely rest at the edge of the table with wires, vents, and light directed away from attendees, leaving the center of the table clear for discussion.

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AV Trends: Hardware and Software for Sharing Screens

Experts weigh in on the latest features of video and presentation devices used for classroom collaboration.

In old-school lecture halls, the rooms would be outfitted with a single projector in the back and a single screen in the front, while large numbers of students quietly listened as the professor spoke. But as the standard lecture experience has become dated, the audiovisual needs of classrooms have evolved to support group study and collaborative, team-based learning. Mark Valenti, president and CEO of The Sextant Group, an audiovisual consulting firm, puts it this way: “We’re basically seeing the beginning of the end of the lecture hall.”

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Panasonic Announces AW-HW2 Low-Cost HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera With No Moving Parts

Priced Under $1000, PTZ Provides High-Quality Remote Monitoring, HDMI Output, IP Control Capabilities

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‪Panasonic Introduces Aw-HE60 Series PTZ Cameras With Innovative IP Live Video Monitoring And Nighttime Mode   ‬

Building on the success of its AW-HE50 and AW-HE120 series pan/tilt/zoom cameras for remote production, Panasonic has introduced the AW-HE60 full HD integrated camera with innovative features including IP live video monitoring for remote preview and control, and a Night Mode for shooting in extremely low light using IR illumination. Like the HE50 series, the HE60 will be available in two versions, the AW-HE60H with HDMI and component outputs, and the AW-HE60S with HD/SD-SDI and component outputs plus genlock.

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SMART Unveils World's First Fully-Integrated Touch-Enabled Interactive Projector

New Projector Strengthens Company's Line of Industry-Leading Interactive Displays

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Christie Visual Displays Are A Class Act

See Christie at Booth No. 1142

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Christie Helps College Celebrate Anniversary

Christie HD10K-M Projectors Receive The Highest Grade At Appleby College Anniversary Celebration

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ViewSonic releases first premium laser LED hybrid projector for education

ViewSonic's Pro9000 delivers brilliant color and razor sharp images for the home theater enthusiast